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Entry #2

Sexy comic

2010-08-04 21:23:23 by StrangeEmoChick

I'm drawing a comic about two sexy neko girls who live together and I need odd yet steamy situations suggestions that might befall the two girls


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2010-08-04 21:26:53

sounds hilarious, adorable and sexy at the same time.

have fun doing, sadly i have no ideas for something like this though.

wish i could help more


2010-08-04 21:33:02

How about...being in a rush and having to share a shower? PM me when you're done, whatever you go with.


2010-08-04 21:58:34

In one episode, they're telling each other their deepest darkest secrets, and one of their secrets are that they're both virgins.

You can choose to do as you wish to them afterward.